Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

20171208_140837-1This past weekend marked the beginning of this venture two years ago. Nearly 5000 crusts later… ok, let’s take a moment for that to sink in… my son and I produced and sold almost 5000 crusts in two years.

So, 5000 crusts have made some great dinners that our customers like to tell us about as they stop by our farmers market stall to pick up some more. And we are happy to help make dinner happen!

We continue to grow, too. Last March, we hired a new employee who is also on the autism spectrum. This marks a major milestone and goal in many ways.  As a business owner, I would like to be able to tell other business owners that they can benefit from investing time, energy, and patience in hiring and training employees with disabilities. There’s an untapped resource of capable individuals out there that are often overlooked, who would make excellent and loyal employees, if you are willing to explore the possibilities. But, first I needed to make the commitment to do it beyond working with my son.

It’s one thing to say that everyone deserves a chance to work, and it’s another thing entirely to put that into practice. We have our good and bad moments, all of us. But, my team and I come back into the kitchen each day to try again, make mistakes, say “sorry,” and say “that’s ok” to each other. We keep at it until we get it right… if not perfect, then close enough. So far, so good. I will revisit our progress in additional posts in the future.


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