Our Crusts and Kits

Pizza Crusts

Large: $7, three for $18 – Small: $4.50, three for $12

Pizza Kits $22

A complete kit includes 2 large pizza crusts, pizza sauce, and our shredded cheese blend. Other combinations of crust sizes will also work, like 1 large and 2 small, or 4 small crusts.

Choose from many varieties!

Made with high-protein tipo “00” flour

100% Whole Wheat
Made with white whole wheat flour.

50-50 Blend
A 50% blend of each whole wheat and tipo “00” flours.

50-50 with Herbs
Our flour blend with thyme and rosemary added.

Parm Garlic
Parmigiano in the dough with more cheese and garlic powder sprinkled on top.

“Sundried” Tomato
(seasonal) We dry tomatoes sourced from local farmers.

(seasonal) Also locally sourced.

Brown Rice & Oat
Our original wheat alternative crust.

Brown Rice & Buckwheat
A heartier version of the original gluten-free crust.

Almond & Cassava
Grain-free, paleo friendly

(seasonal) Keto friendly

Pizza Sauce: $3 a la carte – Whole canned San Marzano tomatoes pureed with tomato paste, olive oil and spices.

Shredded Cheese Blend: $8 a la carte – Mozzarella, Asiago, Parmigano Reggiano