Our Crusts & Kits

Crust Pricing


Large 12″ Crusts: $7.00 each (3 for $18)

Small 8″ Crusts: $4.50 each (3 for $12)

Sauce & Cheese Pricing

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Tomato Sauce (8 oz): $3.00

Shredded Cheese Blend (12 oz): $8.00

Kit Pricing

Includes pizza Sauce, shredded cheese blend, and 2 large crusts: $22.00

Varieties of Crusts


Classic Crust 

  • made with Italian tipo “00” flour
  • A light crust that crisps up beautifully, perfect for a plain cheese pizza, margherita-style, or whatever your heart desires.

100% Whole Wheat Crust

  • made with white whole wheat flour, lighter in color and flavor than the more commonly known red whole wheat four
  • hearty and healthy, great with stronger flavored toppings and cheeses

50/50 Blend Crust

  • made with a blend of Italian tipo “00” flour and white whole wheat
  • versatile and more bread-like, substantial and filling
  • awesome with mushrooms, meat toppings, and alternate sauces

Brown Rice & Oat, or Brown Rice & Buckwheat Crust

  • made with our own gluten-free flour blend
  • bubbly and crunchy, it holds up to whatever you put on top
  • The oat crust is versatile, while the buckwheat crust is hearty and best suited for strong-flavored or unique toppings.

Almond & Cassava Crust (NEW!)

  • made with a grain-free blend, and baking powder instead of yeast
  • soft, chewy, and satisfying

50/50 Blend with Herbs

  • with dried Thyme and Rosemary, it has a stronger, earthy flavor
  • great with toppings, or lightly browned and served with a drizzle of olive oil

Parmigiano Garlic Crust

  • the Classic crust with parmigiano reggiano in the dough, and sprinkled with more cheese and garlic powder before we bake
  • fantastic with the toppings of your choice, as well as served on its own as an appetizer or side dish

Classic with “Sun Dried” Tomato Crust

  • a seasonal delight during the height of the summer, made with oven-dried locally sourced plum tomatoes baked into the dough
  • super tasty with other seasonal veggies on top, including more tomatoes!

Jalapeno Crust

  • almost a whole jalapeno in each large crust, made with local farmer’s crops until the end of the season
  • spicy, but not too spicy, you’ll feel the heat after a few bites, and smell the peppers right away
  • top in a traditional way, or make an avocado pizza for a fun appetizer