Our Crusts

20160528_112354-2Classic Crust 

  • made with Italian tipo “00” flour
  • A light crust that crisps up beautifully, perfect for a plain cheese pizza, margherita-style, or whatever your heart desires.

100% Whole Wheat Crust

  • made with white whole wheat flour, lighter in color and flavor than the more commonly known red whole wheat four
  • hearty and healthy, great with stronger flavored toppings and cheeses

50/50 Blend Crust

  • made with a blend of Italian tipo “00” flour and white whole wheat
  • versatile and more bread-like, substantial and filling
  • awesome with mushrooms, meat toppings, and alternate sauces

Wheat Alternative Crust

  • made with our own gluten-free flour blend
  • bubbly and tender, it holds up to whatever you put on top

50/50 Blend with Herbs

  • with dried Thyme and Rosemary, it has a stronger, earthy flavor
  • great with toppings, or lightly browned and served with a drizzle of olive oil

Parmigiano Garlic Crust

  • the Classic crust with parmigiano reggiano in the dough, and sprinkled with more cheese and garlic powder before we bake
  • fantastic with the toppings of your choice, as well as served on its own as an appetizer or side dish

Classic with “Sundried” Tomato Crust

  • a seasonal delight during the height of the summer, made with oven-dried San Marzano variety tomatoes baked in the dough
  • super tasty with other seasonal veggies on top, including more tomatoes!