Our Products

Pizza Crusts

Large, 12-inch


3 for $18

Small, 8-inch


3 for $12

Pizza Kits

Single: $12

One large pizza crust (or 2 small crusts), plus a portion of our pizza sauce and shredded cheese blend.

Double: $22

Two large pizza crusts, our pizza sauce, and shredded cheese blend. Other combinations of crust sizes will also work, like 1 large and 2 small, or 4 small crusts.

Choose from many varieties!

Made with high-protein tipo “00” flour

100% Whole Wheat
Made with stone ground whole wheat flour.

50-50 Blend
A 50% blend of each whole wheat and tipo “00” flours.

Sourdough (NEW!)
A 20/80% blend of whole wheat and tipo “00” flours using our own sourdough culture. No sugar added.

50-50 with Herbs
Our flour blend with thyme and rosemary added.

Parm Garlic
Parmigiano in the dough with more cheese and garlic powder sprinkled on top.

Brown Rice & Oat
Our original wheat alternative crust.

Brown Rice & Buckwheat
A heartier version of the original gluten-free crust.

Almond & Cassava
Grain-free, paleo-friendly

Seasonal Pizza Crusts, from locally sourced produce:

August through October. We dry tomatoes sourced from local farmers.

July through October. Almost a whole jalapeno in every large crust!

A la Carte Items

Pizza SauceWhole canned San Marzano tomatoes pureed with tomato paste, olive oil and spices.

Single: $1.50

Double: $3

Shredded Cheese BlendMozzarella, Asiago, Parmigano Reggiano

Single: $4.00

Double: $8.00